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Monday, July 4, 2016

macOS Sierra and PIVToken source code

Deprecated tokend API is now replaced

In "macOS Sierra and CryptoTokenKit API" I presented the updated CryptoTokenKit API. This API is not completely new but was not really used.

Apple now provides the source code of PIVToken: a token for PIV (Personal Identity Verification) smart cards using the new API instead of the old tokend/CDSA API.

PIVToken : short source code

The code is available at Code sample: PIVToken: Using CryptoTokenKit to add support for new types of tokens.

I used the tools sloccount to count the number of lines of code.

$ sloccount .
SLOC Directory SLOC-by-Language (Sorted)
493     PIVToken        objc=493

Totals grouped by language (dominant language first):
objc:           493 (100.00%)

$ scloccunt --details .
227 objc PIVToken PIVToken/Token.m
162 objc PIVToken PIVToken/TokenSession.m
50 objc PIVToken PIVToken/NSData_Zip.m
14 objc PIVToken PIVToken/TokenSession.h
36 objc PIVToken PIVToken/Token.h
4 objc PIVToken PIVToken/NSData_Zip.h

The token is only 493 lines of Objective-C.

I am not a PIV expert or even user so I can't really tell if all the PIV features are supported in this token.

Subject to changes

" This sample demonstrates how to write an extension for CryptoTokenKit framework to support new types of SmartCards or any other cryptographic token. "

I would not be surprised if the code changes before the final macOS Sierra release.


It is time to study the sample code and work on replacement of existing tokend tokens.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

New version of pcsc-tools: 1.4.27

I just released a new version of pcsc-tools, a suite of tools for PC/SC.

1.4.27 - 2 July 2016, Ludovic ROUSSEAU
  • 72 new ATRs
  • ATR_analysis: propose to submit the ATR if not known
  • pcsc_scan: Handle "simultaneous" readers removal