Blog moved to

I moved my blog from to . Why? I wanted to move away from Blogger (owne...

Friday, May 12, 2023

Blog moved to

I moved my blog from to


I wanted to move away from Blogger (owned by Google since 2003) and host the blog myself on a server I control.

Low tech

The blog is now managed by the Nikola Software. I discovered Nikola by reading a Linux Weekly News article Nikola: static-site generation in Python.

Once generated, the HTML pages are static so it is very easy and simple to host them on a web server. No need to have a database (like MySQL) on the server or run a program (like PHP) to generate the content.

Web design

I use the bootstrap4 Nikola theme with some custom changes.

I am not a web page designer. Some colors or styles may look ugly. Please send me CSS change suggestions.

Update your bookmarks

If you have links pointing to the old blog it is very easy to update them to use the new blog.

For example, you have a link to The same article is now available at

It looks magic, but it works because I used the Nikola plugin import_blogger to import all the articles from Blogger. I then made some "manual" corrections.

Update your RSS feed

To automatically receive new articles you can register your news reader to the RSS feed at


I already updated the links I have on my other web pages to point to the new blog.

I do not plan to close the old blog at Blogger because a lot of other pages still point to it. And it is very annoying to get an HTTP 404 error when you are redirected to a web page that does not exist anymore.