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Monday, December 17, 2018

macOS Mojave and smart card source code

Apple released the source code of the open source components they use in Mojave (macOS 10.14, released in September 2018). The components are available at macOS X 10.14 Source.

Many smart card components are now closed source and maintained by Apple for its different OSes. I can cite:

CCID driver

Apple provides my Free Software CCID driver. The source code from Apple is available at:
Version 55017 corresponds to CCID version 1.4.27 and was already present in macOS High Sierra as noted in "macOS High Sierra and smart cards status".


    Apple still provides "support" of the tokend technology even if it is deprecated since OS X Lion (2011). The source code is provided at:
    The version 55111 has not changed since macOS Sierra. see "macOS Sierra and smart card source code".


    No change in the free software component binaries so also no change in the corresponding component source codes.

    Wednesday, December 12, 2018

    New version of pcsc-tools: 1.5.4

    I just released a new version of pcsc-tools, a suite of tools for PC/SC.

    A big thank you to Lionel Victor, original author of gscriptor, for the port of gscriptor to Gtk+3. My level of Perl programming has diminished since I do not use this language any more.

    1.5.4 - 12 December 2018, Ludovic ROUSSEAU
    • 213 new ATRs
    • pcsc_scan: display the number of events
    • gscriptor: port from Gtk+2 to Gtk+3