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Friday, June 20, 2014

MUSCLE website migration

After the migration of the MUSCLE mailing list (see MUSCLE list migration) I had to move the MUSCLE web site.

The MUSCLE (Movement for the Use of Smart Card in a Linux Environment) web site used to be at Because of issues with the hosting service the web site has been moved to another place at

The web site at is just a copy of the old web for the history. I do not plan to update this web site.


David Corcoran sent me a backup of the web site. But the backup was incomplete and all the source code archives were missing. That was a problem because, for example, the driver skeleton was missing. In the mean time the hosting service had shutdown the web site. So it was not possible to fetch the archives files anymore.

Thanks to the wayback machine I could find a not so old version (May 2014) of the MUSCLE web site. The source code archive files are available on the wayback machine. So I could copy them to the new web site.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New version of libccid: 1.4.17

I just released a version 1.4.17 of libccid the free software CCID class smart card reader driver.

1.4.17 - 11 June 2014, Ludovic Rousseau
  • Add support of
    • Feitian R502
    • Free Software Initiative of Japan Gnuk Token
    • German Privacy Foundation Crypto Stick v2.0
    • HID Global veriCLASS Reader
    • HID OMNIKEY 5025-CL
    • Identive Technologies Multi-ISO HF Reader - USB
    • OMNIKEY 5421
    • OMNIKEY AG 3121 USB
    • udea MILKO V1.
  • Fix support of O2 Micro Oz776. The reader is limited to 9600 bps
  • some minor bugs removed

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MUSCLE list migration: some emails were invalid

The old MUSCLE list contained:
  • A total of 1043 subscribers
  • 417 of them were already disabled or suspended
  • So only 626 emails (60%) were really used
I migrated the 626 enabled emails to the new MUSCLE list (see MUSCLE list migration).

After a few days of use of the new MUSCLE list 95 emails (15%) have been suspended by the list manager software because the email is not valid (mailbox full, no such user, quota exceeded, etc.).

If you do not receive MUSCLE emails but want to receive them then maybe your email has been rejected because it is invalid. You need to subscribe to the list again using a valid email.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MUSCLE list migration

Hello all,

After one month of discussing with David Corcoran (maintainer of the MUSCLE list) and the technical support of the list service provider David and I decided to move the MUSCLE list to a working system.

I already created the pcsclite-muscle at list in 2011 because of a previous "technical" problem with the MUSCLE list.
I now guess the move is definitive.

You may need to:
  • update your email filter to adapt to the new list email:
  • update your address book to use the new list email
  • change your list registration configuration if the default configuration do not suite your preferences

Welcome all to the new MUSCLE list.