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Thursday, October 13, 2011 is gone (for now)

The domain name has expired. The web site is now a domain parking web site.


  • The mailing list is no more working
  • The web site is unavailable. But the same web site is still working

I tried to contact David Corcoran, original author of pcsc-lite and maintainer of the web site. But as expected some of his emails are no more valid. David was not very active on the list since some time now.

New list

I created a new list on the pcsclite project on alioth: pcsclite-muscle


If the domain does not come back we will have to migrate to the new list.
I will keep you informed.


Oct 16th, 2011

The domain is now back online. It looks like the auto-renew failed due to an old credit card. David Corcoran renewed it for 3 more years. Thanks David!