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Saturday, December 3, 2011


The libusb 1.0.9 adventure is still ongoing. In a previous article "libusb 1.0.9-rc1" I announced that the 1.0.9 official/stable version was expected for 21st of September 2011. Of course this did not happen :-(

With the upgrade of the Linux kernel in lots of distributions it looks like the 60 seconds delay issue is more present and/or occurs more often. So I get more bug reports. The problem is not pcsc-lite or the CCID driver. The bug is in libusb.

History of the bug #56

This is the 4th article about this libsub bug. We already had:

How to get a fixed libusb?

$ git clone git://
$ cd libusb
$ git branch testing origin/testing
$ git checkout testing

If you want to use an already prepared .tar.bz2 archive I provide one at


A lot of time and energy is lost by users of smart cards reporting bugs, and by me answering to bugs.

The bad news is that I don't see any positive signal for the future of libusb. I will continue to refer to the this article for any bug report mentioning a 60 seconds delay.