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Sunday, June 23, 2013

CCID descriptor statistics: bInterfaceNumber

Article from the serie "CCID descriptor statistics"

The bInterfaceNumber field is a number value from the USB descriptor: Number of this interface. Zero-based value identifying the index in the array of concurrent interfaces supported by this configuration.

020781.50 %
13614.17 %
2103.94 %
410.39 %

Many CCID readers only have 1 interface. So the CCID interface is numbered 0.

Readers with 2 or more interfaces are composite devices. They can be either a reader with 2 CCID interfaces or a device with a CCID interface and other interfaces like a mass storage.

Readers with 2 (or more) CCID interfaces are listed in more than one list. For example the "Gemalto Prox Dual USB PC LinkReader" is listed in bInterfaceNumber = 1 and also in bInterfaceNumber = 2 because one CCID interface has bInterfaceNumber = 1 and the other has bInterfaceNumber = 2. And in this the interface number 0 is HID.

The "Gemalto IDBridge K3000" is listed only in the list bInterfaceNumber = 2 because the interfaces 0 and 1 are HID and mass storage.

Readers with bInterfaceNumber = 1:
  • Broadcom Corp 5880
  • C3PO LTC32
  • Cherry GmbH SmartBoard XX1X
  • Cherry GmbH SmartBoard XX33
  • Cherry GmbH SmartBoard XX44
  • Dell Dell Smart Card Reader Keyboard
  • Dell keyboard SK-3106
  • Fujitsu Siemens Computers SmartCard Keyboard USB 2A
  • Fujitsu Siemens Computers SmartCard USB 2A
  • FujitsuTechnologySolutions GmbH SmartCase KB SCR eSIG
  • Gemalto Gem e-Seal Pro USB Token
  • Gemalto Prox Dual USB PC LinkReader
  • Gemalto Prox SU USB PC LinkReader
  • Gemalto Smart Enterprise Guardian Secure USB Device
  • Hewlett-Packard Company HP USB CCID Smartcard Keyboard
  • Hewlett-Packard Company HP USB Smart Card Keyboard
  • Identive Identive CLOUD 4500 F Dual Interface Reader
  • Identive Identive CLOUD 4510 F Contactless + SAM Reader
  • Identive Identive CLOUD 4700 F Dual Interface Reader
  • Identive Identive CLOUD 4710 F Contactless + SAM Reader
  • KOBIL Systems mIDentity M
  • KOBIL Systems mIDentity XL
  • Morpho MSO1350 Fingerprint Sensor & SmartCard Reader
  • Morpho MSO350/MSO351 Fingerprint Sensor & SmartCard Reader
  • Neowave Weneo
  • Verisign Secure Storage Token
  • Yubico Yubikey NEO OTP+CCID

Readers with bInterfaceNumber = 2:
  • Broadcom Corp 5880
  • C3PO KBR36
  • Gemalto IDBridge K3000
  • Gemalto Prox Dual USB PC LinkReader
  • Gemalto Prox SU USB PC LinkReader
  • KOBIL Systems mIDentity 4smart AES
  • KOBIL Systems mIDentity 4smart
  • KOBIL Systems mIDentity fullsize AES
  • KOBIL Systems mIDentity fullsize
  • KOBIL Systems mIDentity visual

Readers with bInterfaceNumber = 4
  • KOBIL Systems IDToken