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Saturday, November 29, 2014

CCID descriptor statistics: completed!

The previous article "CCID descriptor statistics: dwFeatures" was the last of a series of 35 blog articles about CCID descriptor statistics. I started this series in April 2013 (19 months ago). It was not supposed to take so long to complete the series and study each and every field in a CCID USB structure.


I originally did plan to write one article per week (or one per day?). So I should have finished after only 9 months. My real "performance" is one blog article every 2.2 week. Not too bad after all.

My main problem is the lack of free time. I still have many ideas of blog articles but not enough free time and motivation to write them.


When I started this work in April 2013 only 262 readers where present in my list. 19 months later there are 322 readers. That is 60 or 23% more readers.

All the numbers are from the initial 262 readers. I don't think that the 60 new readers would have significantly change of the results.


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