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Monday, March 26, 2018

New PyKCS11 1.5.0 available

I just released a new version of PyKCS11, a Python wrapper above the PKCS#11 API.
See "PyKCS11 introduction".


1.5.0 - March 2018, Ludovic Rousseau
  • Python 3: use strings instead of binary buffers for CK_UTF8CHAR PKCS#11 types. The behaviour is now the same as with Python 2
  • allow non string PIN values (binary PIN) for login(), initToken(), initPin(), setPin()
  • fix support of RSA PKCS PSS mechanism
    The mechanism object now uses a parameter "mechanism" instead of hard coding the mechanism value to CKM_RSA_PKCS_PSS.
  • add support of Python 2.7 on Windows
  • add AppVeyor configuration (automatic Windows builds)
  • ckbytelist: remove possibility to give a initial size
  • samples/getinfo: do not list the mechanisms by default
  • samples/events:
    • do not list the mechanisms by default
    • add support of pinpad readers
  • some minor improvements


If you are a Windows user and you want binary packages then please work on the AppVeyor configuration: