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Saturday, January 29, 2022

New version of pcsc-tools: 1.6.0

I just released a new version of pcsc-tools, a suite of tools for PC/SC.
I also forgot to announce the version 1.5.8.

The major changes are for the pcsc_scan tool.


1.6.0 - 29 January 2022, Ludovic ROUSSEAU
  • 48 new ATRs
  • pcsc_scan:
    • drastically reduce the number of SCardGetStatusChange() calls
    • faster spinning animation
    • handle Ctrl-C on macOS

1.5.8 - 7 November 2021, Ludovic ROUSSEAU
  • 360 new ATRs
  • ATR_analysis:
    • fix TB2 parsing error
    • misc spelling fixes
  • pcsc_scan:
    • add maxtime option -t
    • add the option -c to list cards only once
    • no spinner in quiet mode (-q)
    • turn off colour if redirected output
    • Exit if no reader is found and -c or -r is used