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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

PC/SC sample in TypeScript (Deno)

To continue the list of PC/SC wrappers initiated in 2010 with "PC/SC sample in different languages" I now present a new sample code in Deno a modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.


The wrapper is available at and

The author is Sean Michael Wykes.

The license is MIT.

I used version 0.4.
This version includes the fixes I proposed for GNU/Linux.


From Wikipedia Deno article:

Deno is a runtime for JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly that is based on the V8 JavaScript engine and the Rust programming language. Deno was co-created by Ryan Dahl, who also created Node.js.

Deno explicitly takes on the role of both runtime and package manager within a single executable, rather than requiring a separate package-management program.


Installation is very easy. First install Deno as documented in

The PC/SC wrapper will be downloaded and installed automatically at run time.

Source code

import {
} from '';

try {
  // establish a PC/SC context
  const context = ContextProvider.establishContext();

  // get all available readers
  const readers = context.listReaders();

  for (const reader of readers) {
    console.log(`Using reader: ${}`);
    if (reader.isMute) {
      console.log(`Reader ${}: MUTE`);
    } else if (reader.isPresent) {
      // connect
      const card = await reader.connect();

      // send Select Applet APDU
      const selectApplet = CommandAPDU
        .from([ISO7816.CLA.ISO, ISO7816.INS.SelectFile, 0x04, 0x00]) // ISO SELECT
        .setData([0xA0, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x62, 0x03, 0x01, 0x0C, 0x06, 0x01]);

      const resp = await card.transmitAPDU(selectApplet);

      // check for 0x90 0x00
      if (resp.SW == ISO7816.SW.SUCCESS) {
        // success ..
        console.log(`Reader ${}: applet successfully selected`);

        // send Test APDU
        const command = CommandAPDU
          .from([ISO7816.CLA.ISO, 0, 0, 0]);

        const resp = await card.transmitAPDU(command);
        if (resp.SW == ISO7816.SW.SUCCESS) {
          // success ..
          console.log(`Reader ${}: Test command successful`);

          // convert from bytes to string and display
        } else {
          // something went wrong ..
            `Reader ${}: error SW=${resp.SW.toString(16)}`,
      } else {
        // something went wrong ..
          `Reader ${}: error SW=${resp.SW.toString(16)}`,

      // unpower and disconnect
      await card.disconnect(PCSC.Disposition.UnpowerCard);
    } else {
      console.log(`Reader ${}: NO CARD`);
  // release the PC/SC context
} catch (e: PCSCException) {
  console.log(e, "error");


$ deno run --unstable --allow-ffi blog.ts
Using reader: Gemalto PC Twin Reader (F8345B4A) 00 00
Reader Gemalto PC Twin Reader (F8345B4A) 00 00: applet successfully selected
Reader Gemalto PC Twin Reader (F8345B4A) 00 00: command successful
Hello world!


Nothing special to say. Thanks Sean for the wrapper.

If you work on a Free Software PC/SC wrapper that is not yet in my list please let me know.