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Sunday, January 22, 2023

PC/SC tools projects moved to

For historical reasons some projects I maintain are still hosted at my "personal" page in the My computer programs page.

They are:

  • ifd-GemPC: serial GemPC 410 and USB GemPC 430 reader drivers.
  • pcsc-perl: wrapper to use PC/SC in Perl.
  • pcsc-tools: some tools to be used with smart cards and PC/SC.

Why the change?

My personal pages, hosted by my ISP (Internet Service Provider), are still not using https. I have no access to the web server so I can't change that.

The new pages will be independent from the ISP. The projects will use a DNS name I maintain myself.

According to the Internet Archive the "My computer programs" page exists since August 2001. I don't think the personal pages hosted by Free will disappear soon, but who knows. Maybe Elon Musk will buy Iliad (parent company of Free) and... anything can happen next.

I will be able to get some access statistics, in particular for the file smartcard_list.txt containing the list of ATRs used by the pcsc_scan tool.

Now hosts

The projects are now in subdomains of They are at:

The old pages redirect to the new web sites.

The URL is used by (old) versions of ATR_analysis used by pcsc_scan. This file will be maintained up to date for the next months/years.


I continue my migration to self-hosting. Thanks to all the sponsors that allow me to do that.