Wednesday, February 17, 2021

GitHub Sponsors: first year

In January 2020 I engaged in the GitHub Sponsors project. I got my first payment in May 2020. After a full year I think it is time for a public status. 



My gains give a total of 296,82€ for 12 months. Of course I will have to pay some French taxes (employee and employer social security contributions URSSAF) of around 25% and also some income taxes.

Revenue 296,82 €
Social Contributions
-74,20 €
225,62 €

That is 18,55€/month.



That is not much (I can't live with that yet) but enough to pay some of the infrastructure used by my smart card projects: a Virtual Private Server to host the web sites and the domain name for, and

Virtual Private Server 100,66 €
Domain name
8,39 €
109,05 €

That is 9,09€/month.



Thank you to the generous sponsors.