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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

New version of pcsc-lite: 1.9.1

I just released a new version of pcsc-lite 1.9.0.
pcsc-lite is a Free Software implementation of the PC/SC (or WinSCard) API for Unix systems.


1.9.1: Ludovic Rousseau
16 February 2021

  • Do not (possibly) lock a reader if allocating hCard fails
  • Fix a hang in SCardTransmit()
  • Do not report an error if the wrong interface is used by the driver
  • Update reader state when a card is removed during an exchange
  • readerfactory: Make sure a freed Reader Context is not accessed
  • PHSetProtocol(): supports T=0&1 cards on T=0 reader
  • hotplug-libusb:
    • add interface name to reader name
    • remove obsolete libhal scheme
  • Some other minor improvements