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Thursday, October 28, 2010

GnuPG v2 card and extended APDU

A user reported a problem with a GnuPG v2 card and a OmniKey 4321 ExpressCard smart card reader. The same card works fine with a SCM SCR33x reader.

GnuPG v2 card

The card ATR is: 3B DA 18 FF 81 B1 FE 75 1F 03 00 31 C5 73 C0 01 40 00 90 00 0C and is known as GnuPG card V2.

According to the GnuPG v2 specification:

Reader (informative)
  • A common driver (CCID, PC/SC or CT-API) shall be supported.
  • The driver should be available for several platforms (e.g. Win32, Linux, Macin­
  • T=1 and T=0 shall be supported for cards with contacts.
  • High-Speed protocols should be supported.
  • Extended length shall be supported.

The important point is highlighted. Of course you do not read the card user manual before buying a smart card reader for your card. And the notion of "Extended length" can be quiet obscure for a user.

Extended length APDU

The difference between the two readers is that:

  • The OMNIKEY CardMan 4321 is a "Short APDU level exchange" reader
  • The SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR33x USB Smart Card Reader is a "TPDU level exchange" reader

I tried to document the problems with extended APDU in a special page Extended APDU support of the CCID driver.

But this is also obscure for a normal smart card user.

PC/SC and extended APDU

One major problem is that an application at the PC/SC level has no way to know if the reader does or does not support extended APDU.

I tried to propose a mechanism so that an application can know if the reader support extended APDU. The idea is that the application can display a human readable error message. That would avoid me to receive bug reports. But the idea was more or less refused by the PC/SC workgroup. Short APDU should be defined before defining extended APDU. And short APDU are not yet defined by the PC/SC workgroup :-(

One day I will blog about the PC/SC workgroup.


Extended APDU are more and more common. Maybe I should add a clear indication of the support or not of extended APDU in the reader matrix. If you have an idea of logo or presentation then just tell me.

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