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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PCSC sample in PHP

In PC/SC sample in different languages I "promised" to give the implementation of the same sample program in many different programing languages. I am now less motivated and some languages have not yet been treated. PHP is one of them.

Wrapper for PHP

SCardSCR is a PC/SC wrapper for PHP4. As indicated on the web page:
SCardSCR is a PHP4 based project, and for many (good) reasons, it primarily targets Microsoft Windows (Win32/i386).

And since I am not an expert or even user of Windows I do not think I will ever work on this wrapper. I am also not a user of PHP.


The project is dated 17/01/2005 and is for PHP4. PHP5 is available since 2004. So maybe the SCardSCR  project is not really active/maintained anymore.

Note that my name is in the Credits :-)
Thanks to Ludovic Rousseau for his pcsc-tools package (C program and Perl scripts) that is the basis of most SCardSCR sample scripts.


I left as an exercise the writing of the sample.php program in PHP. If you write it just tell me so I can add it here.

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